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Estimate Your Cost of Care

Contact our Insurance Support Team by phone 970-569-7595 or email, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM - 4:30PM to request an estimation of service.

Please refer to the list below of the most commonly performed procedures at the Vail Valley Surgery Center. Please note that the fees listed are estimates and that actual charges for the service depend on the circumstances at the time the service is rendered. If you are covered by health insurance, you are strongly encouraged to consult with your health insurer to determine accurate information about your financial responsibility for a particular health care service provided at this health care facility. If you are not covered by health insurance, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Vail Valley Surgery Center at 970-569-7595 to discuss payment options prior to receiving a health care service from this healthcare facility since posted health care prices may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility.

Below is a listing of the most commonly billed services in 2022.

Click here to download a PDF.